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In order to ensure the accurate diagnosis of motor faults, iris stator slot coupler a comprehensive database.The first motor has 24 stator slots and is investigated with rotor slots 20, 29 and hummingbird honey slot 32 rotor slots numbers have been selected based on manufacturer's database.

Periodic On-linePartial Discharge Monitoring of Large Turbine ... SSCs are installed under the stator wedges, or between the top and bottom bars of the line-end coils of the generator. The SSCs are connected with micro-coaxial cables to an external termination box. Hydrogen-cooled turbine generators are fitted with gas-tight connectors, or a standard Iris penetration. Stator Slot Coupler Installation Slot End ... Iris Power HydroGuard TM, BusGuardTM TurboGuardTM • Iris Power TurboGuard system for use with turbo generators equipped with stator slot couplers. The Iris Power Guard system uses Iris Power EMCs (epoxy mica couplers) or Iris Power SSCs (stator slot couplers) that are permanently installed on motors and generators (6kV or higher). Each machine to be monitored requires one Data Acquisition

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US4949001A - Partial discharge detection method and apparatus ... FIELD OF THE INVENTION. This invention relates to a partial discharge detection method and apparatus for high voltage conductors. In particular, this invention relates to a method and apparatus for detecting partial discharge in high voltage insulation surrounding stator windings of a motor, turbine generator or the like. Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Rotating Machines

Iris Power Stator Slot CouplersTM (SSCs) are sensors specifically designed to detect stator winding partial discharge activity in operating gas or steam turbine generators. Used in conjunction with the Iris Power TGA-STM portable test instrument or the IrisTM ...

ANALYTICAL ANALYSIS OF ROTOR SLOT HARMONICS IN THE LINE ... stator frequency, number of rotor slots, slip, type of ec-centricity and stator mmf time harmonics. Thomson et al [8,9] have investigated inter-turn stator faults by looking at RSH in the stator current spectrum. Their results showed that one of the RSH in stator cur-rent spectrum could be used to detect shorted turns in a stator coil. Investigation of 24 Slots Stator Core of 0.5 HP Induction ... stator cores of three-phase induction motors has shown that the regions behind the teeth of the stator cores exhibit the highest distortion of flux density distribution. Localized power losses are also seen to be highest in the teeth of the stator core, where alternating flux is forced, due to the geometry of the teeth. EXPERIENCE WITH ON-LINE PARTIAL DISCHARGE TESTING OF - PDF ... EXPERIENCE WITH ON-LINE PARTIAL DISCHARGE TESTING OF MOTORS AND GENERATORS G.C. Stone Iris Power Engineering Inc Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5T 1Y4 H.G. Sedding Ontario Hydro Toronto, Ontario Canada M8Z 5S4 G. Griffith Florida Power & Light Juno Beach, 33408-0420

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Traditional Design of Cage Rotor Induction Motors Traditional Design of Cage Rotor Induction Motors ... Get S from shaft output power (hp or kW), efficiency and power factor. ... similar to stator slot leakage