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Hit - To catch a card or a series of cards that you need. When a player attempts to complete a poker hand, he will need to hit one or more cards in order to do so. The cards that he can hit which will cause him to win the pot are frequently referred to as his “outs.” The more outs that he has, the better the chance he has to hit one of them ... Hit And Run | Flop Turn River Created by BooG690 on September 1, 2009. Definition. A "hit and run" is where a player sits at a table and leaves right after winning a big pot. It is looked down upon by the poker community. Hit And Run | Poker Terms | PokerNews Home Strategy Poker Terms Hit And Run Hit And Run The act of joining a poker game, winning big in a short period of time, and leaving the table soon after with one’s winnings.

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What does hit and run mean? - Definitions.net Definitions for hit and run hit and run. To hit something or someone with a vehicle and leave the scene of the incident. To join a poker game, quickly win several hands, then leave. We are working on the principle of hit and run, not on the basis of a battle between two armies. The battle could be lengthy.

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hit-and-run definition: 1. A hit-and-run road accident is one in which the driver who caused the accident drives away without helping the other people involved and ... What does hit and run mean? - Definitions.net hit and run (Verb) To hit something or someone with a vehicle and leave the scene of the incident. hit and run (Verb) To join a poker ... good definition for hit and run? Hit and run - Wikipedia